Our Presence Church Leaders


Jeremy and Jade Groves

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Senior Leaders

    Jeremy and Jade Groves serve as the Senior Leaders of Presence Church in northern Virginia. They have been mandated by God to establish a prophetic community in northern Virginia that is fixed on the pursuit of the "one thing needed", the presence of God.


  Jeremy burns with the desire to lead the world into a full on God encounter with the risen Christ and to see the Bride of Christ made ready for the coming of her King. He is marked by a deep passion for revival and awakening, as well as deep love for worship, prayer, and intercession that permeates every facet of His life and ministry. He loves to lead others into the same sweet communion and fellowship he shares with the Holy Spirit. He longs to know and reveal the deepest depths of God's heart through His Word. He labors intensively to raise up a generation of uncompromised believers that understand the mandate, "On earth as it is in heaven" and who know how to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel in a Kingdom lifestyle of passion, purity, and power.

Jade has tremendous administrative grace and a strong call to intercessory prayer and to develop and train other intercessors to pray and see the heart of God fulfilled for people, regions, and nations. She leads the intercessory prayer team of Presence Church. She also carries a strong passion and anointing to help women see and understand their value as beloved daughters of God who are called to co-reign with Christ and to empower them to step into their callings and destinies with boldness and courage. Her heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom and grace that Jesus paid for them to have. 

Laura Ottaviano

Senior Associate Leader

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Laura Ottaviano serves as the Senior Associate Leader of Presence Church in northern Virginia. She is also the Founding Director of Giant Kids Ministry, a non-profit ministry which produces teaching materials and videos to train God’s children to be His giants in the earth.

The name Laura means "Victory" and her life has echoed this truth that God spoke over her at her birth. She was raised in the Catholic Church but did not personally come to know the Lord until her early twenties, when God revealed to her that Jesus is the only way to Him. A key turning point in Laura's life came a year after her conversion in 1987, when she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After this encounter, the Word and power of God opened up to Laura in a way that she never had experienced before. The Holy Spirit then began to immediately place her under some of the most powerful, anointed teachers of her day as the Lord taught her about faith, the authority of the believer, divine healing and the Spirit-filled life early in her walk.  Laura learned firsthand through this powerful season of her life that God still does miracles and healings today. 

Since then, Laura has studied under Kenneth Hagin Ministries as a student of Rhema Bible Training Center Correspondence School, is a graduate of John Maxwell’s INJOY Leadership School, Gerald Brooks Leadership Roundtable, and is a Level 2 Graduate of Francis Frangipane’s In Christ’s Image Training (ICIT).  Laura was first ordained as a minister in 1999 with Word of Grace Fellowship of Ministers. She has extensive leadership experience and training having served for years in various capacities as a minister on church and pastoral staffs, including Associate Minister, Director of various Youth and Children’s Ministries, and founding and leading a 501c3 non-profit ministry.

God uses Laura to bring healing and victory through words of knowledge, prophecy and the laying on of hands and anointed teaching of the Word of God. She has shared her passion for the reality of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, helping countless people be filled and receive the gift of personal tongues over many years of working in altar ministry. She flows prophetically in intercessory prayer and confidently prays bold prayers of faith in the name of Jesus. Having seen God heal her of countless childhood ailments, she has carried a passion for healing to many others as she partners her faith with theirs. Laura has a great hunger and passion for the Word of God and a gift to teach the Word with creative illustrations. She stands in the office of a teacher, with pastoral training and a heart for young people especially, and with a passion to exhort, lift, and encourage believers to be all they can be in Christ. 

Laura is now licensed and ordained with Salt and Light Apostolic Ministries. She has years of experience, yet her greatest desire is to serve the Lord and His church humbly in any capacity that He needs her.

Michael Scheirer

Outreach Coordinator


Mike Scheirer serves as the Outreach Coordinator for Presence Church of NOVA with a passion for all to come to know Christ in the region.


He was raised in the Episcopal Church and lived a nomadic lifestyle for much of his youth. In 2011, during a youth retreat in Pennsylvania, Mike gave his life to Christ after a radical encounter with Holy Spirit, coming under the conviction that he had only received the religion of Jesus and not the person of Jesus. Over the next 5 years, Mike struggled with his identity and relating to God as his Father, and in the midst of this season he learned of his call as an evangelist through a series of dreams where God was calling him to preach the Gospel. It wasn’t until 2016 when He encountered the Holy Spirit again at Delaware House of Prayer, that things began to radically change in him. This marked the beginning of a new journey for Mike. The Lord told him to go to the Camden School of Supernatural Ministry which became the first stepping stone to understanding and being launched into his call.


Mike then attended Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry (GSSM). At GSSM, he learned how to walk with God in ways he never thought was possible. He grew in the understanding of his identity and the love of his heavenly Father. During this time, God began to reveal more of the call He had placed on Mike's life. Shortly after his graduation from GSSM, He met Jeremy through a Holy Spirit encounter at Voice of the Apostles in 2020, which ended up being the partnership God used to launch Mike into his calling as an evangelist.


He carries a burning passion to see every believer pick up the torch of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and carry it to every corner of the world. He has a strong conviction that every believer is called to GO and preach the Gospel. He aspires to know God and live a surrendered life. He carries a strong anointing to restore people to healthy identity by revealing the Fathers heart and to stir up believers out of complacency and inaction, and to equip them take their place in the army of God to launch out and bring in the harvest of this generation.

Jennifer Miller


Worship Director

Jennifer Miller serves as the Worship Director for Presence Church of NOVA.

Jen's life carries the essence of the Shulamite woman searching for her beloved, being wounded in the process, but refusing to stop until she found him. Unknowingly to her, as she was pursuing what she didn't know was God, God was pursuing her as well. Over the course of her life, Jen knew there was something more than what she had known, something missing, but her interactions with Christians she had met seemed to do more to push her away rather than draw her in. She was looking for her beloved, there was a void only He could fill, but she couldn't see Him in the majority of those who called Him Lord. 

After almost 30 years of searching, finding herself as a single mom, homeless, with 4 school aged children, she had come to the end of herself. She had exhausted every avenue she could think to fill the void and make it on her own, never finding what she was looking for. In a cry of desperation and surrender to God, "take my life or do something with it", the Man with eyes of fire, Jesus of Nazareth, saw His opening to come in and rescue His beloved. Right after this encounter, the phone rang, a place she had never called, gave shelter to her family, and this encounter of love launched her into her journey of restoration and transformation. 

She is now what we call a "burning one", someone who has been marked with the love of Christ and who burns to introduce the world to that same love. She embodies the cry, "one thing I desire, is to dwell in your presence forever" in a surrendered life of worship. She has found freedom at the feet of Jesus and longs to lead people into that same experience of His presence, where all shame, guilt, heaviness, and condemnation fall off and the broken are restored to life again. She carries a strong prophetic edge in leading worship with the ability to touch His heart and call out what He feels for the people she is leading into His presence, and by this the scripture "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom", is made manifest. She also carries a strong teaching grace to equip others on how to live a lifestyle of worship before the throne of Grace.