Who We Are

Our Mission

We burn with a desire to awaken the Church to a first love passion for the presence of Jesus and to unite together to introduce the world to the Bridegroom that has captured our hearts and ruined us for anything but Him.

Our Mandate

We believe Salt and Light Apostolic Ministries has been raised up by God in this hour of history to partner with Him in building a generation of sold-out lovers of Jesus who carry the presence of God to the nations with an uncompromising faith and purity birthed out of radical obedience and deep intimacy with Holy Spirit.


We believe we have been commissioned to fulfill this mandate by leading the Body of Christ into an intimate lifestyle of loving surrender to the abiding manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and to reach the nations through apostolic ministry devoted to evangelistic outreach, itinerant travel, and establishing apostolic hubs in designated regions. These apostolic hubs will hold corporate gatherings to minister to the heart of God, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, equip the Church in their bridal identity and the work of the ministry through the Word of God and impartation, plant and build churches and houses of prayer centered on the presence of God, establish partnerships with local churches and ministries, as well as reach the lost through overseas and local missions outreach. 


Jeremy Groves

Founder and President

   "There is no one like Him. He is my everything and my one desire. The highest pleasures of this life are only found in the presence of Jesus and the highest realm of satisfaction is found in absolute surrender. His life is the only one worth living. He has ruined me for anything less." - Jeremy Groves

Our Senior Leader

    Jeremy Groves is the founder and president of Salt and Light Apostolic Ministries. He was born into a Christian home and raised within the Baptist tradition. At a youth camp in July of 2006 He surrendered his life completely to Jesus Christ as Lord. It was in that time he first felt the Lord calling him into full-time ministry. Later in his life after a season of holy frustration, knowing there was more to God than he had known, Jeremy began to seek God for a greater reality of His presence in his life.


   God met His cry at age 22 with Holy Spirit descending upon Him in a radical encounter that transformed his life forever and took him into deeper levels of intimacy and encounter with the presence of God. The Lord then began to reveal and prepare him for the apostolic call on his life. In June of 2020 He told Jeremy and a small team to found Salt and Light Apostolic Ministries with the commission to bring the Gospel to the nations and to awaken the church to her bridal identity and re-calibrate her focus to His presence as the "one thing needed". 


   He carries an anointing and mandate from God to awaken people to first love passion for Jesus and to call them into the fear of the Lord for the purpose of producing a generation with a passion for purity of heart and a lifestyle of worship, love, and holiness. He also carries grace to lead people into a greater level of surrender, consecration, intimacy, and union with the Holy Spirit. He has a passion for truth and revealing the heart of God through His Word. He has devoted his life to the pursuit of purity and intimacy with God and seeing the desires of the Lord's heart fulfilled by partnering with Him to see the nations of the world encounter the presence and love of Jesus.